Discover How to Rapidly Lose Fat, Build Lean Muscle, And Get In Amazing Shape with 37 at Home Bodyweight Workout Resources

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to work with 37 of the world’s top bodyweight experts.

Why Choose Bodyweight Exercises?

Bodyweight exercises can transform your physique by helping you build muscle and lose body fat… but that’s not the only benefit.

5 More Reasons To Do Bodyweight Exercises:

pushup1. Improve “Whole Body” Strength – Most bodyweight exercises are movements that strengthen the entire body as a unit. The large muscle groups AND the supporting muscles, known as “synergists”, are strengthened. This give you functional strength that can be used in your every day life.

2. Greater Convenience – Forgot your weights? No problem. Don’t have a gym near you? That won’t stop you! Your body is it’s own gym. With bodyweight exercises you can workout no matter where you are… whether that’s your backyard, basement or even your hotel room.

3. No More Expensive Gym and Equipment Fees – The average gym membership costs around $55/month which amounts to $600/year. Wow! Even if you want to workout using equipment at home you’ll still end up paying a small fortune. Bench presses, dumb bells, bar bells… Sheesh! Count me out.

How much does it cost you to use your own bodyweight?

Nothing at all.

4. Strengthen “The Core” With Every Move – The core (abs, obliques and low back) is the key to almost every movement you can do. If you have a strong core than you’ll look better and be healthier. 99% of bodyweight exercises will help you strengthen the core either directly or indirectly as a stabilizer.

5. Don’t Have To Worry About Getting Injured – Bodyweight exercises are the ultimate workout system because they dramatically decrease the likelihood of injury. When you use weights its easy to pick up too much and injure yourself. When you use your own body its a natural safeguard against getting injured because it prevents you from going too far.

Why Learn From The Experts?

trainerAre you frustrated because you are not seeing the results you are looking for?

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels?

There are people out there that have studied muscle gain and fat loss as their profession. Why try to accomplish it on your own?

It was once said by a great philosopher, “If I have seen further it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.”

There are giants here for you to stand on.

The Bodyweight Bundle Sale includes the ultimate collection of bodyweight resources from the top fitness and nutrition experts in the world. You are no longer alone in your journey.

Come learn from the experts. They are ready and willing to help you.

The Original Bodyweight Bundle Includes All Of The Following

Bodyweight BodybuildingBodyweight Bodybuilding 2.0

by Craig Ballantyne

(valued at $29.95)
  • Bodyweight workout system for building muscle quickly
  • Short 30 min workouts you can do anywhere
  • Professional photos & descriptions

Bodyweight OverloadBodyweight Overload

by Todd Kuslikis

(valued at $19.95)
  • 6 week muscle building method w/out weights
  • Meal plans to help you lose-fat while adding muscle
  • Master advanced moves like pistols, uneven pull ups and more

Bodyweight StrongBodyweight Strong

by Forest Vance

(valued at $19.95)
  • Ultimate progressive overload muscle building plan
  • Increase strength at an accelerated rate
  • 12 week muscle growth system

the best excersicesThe Best Bodyweight Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of

by Nick Nilsson

(valued at $29.95)
  • 358 pages of unheard of bodyweight exercises
  • Quality pictures & descriptions of each exercise
  • Never get bored doing the same moves

Bodyweight MayhemBodyweight Mayhem

by Benjamin Teal

(valued at $29.95)
  • Shed fat with short 4 minute bodyweight workouts
  • Learn how to increase metabolism through exercise
  • Great for travel or busy schedules

Bodyweight Exercise RevolutionBodyweight Exercise Revolution

by Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock

(valued at $47)
  • Intense & effective bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere
  • Follow-along videos for motivation and success
  • Develop power and strength without the use of weights

project mobile and hostileProject: Mobile & Hostile

by Travis Stoetzel

(valued at $39)
  • Build the explosive power of an athlete
  • Increase agility through sport conditioning & circuits
  • Hack fat & increase muscle leanness

The Pull Up Push Up ChallengeThe Pull Up Push Up Challenge

by Shawna Kaminski

(valued at $19.95 )
  • Learn a step-by-step method for getting your first pull up
  • Beginner through advanced workouts to drastically increase strength
  • How to master the push up and pull up for physique transformation

Final Five FormulaFinal 5 Formula

by Vic Magary

(valued at $27)
  • Simple method for losing the final 5-10 lbs
  • Easy-to-follow menus to help you drop body fat
  • Guide to making long-term healthy food choices

university_of_abs6 Months Subscription to University of Abs

by Hugo Rivera and Anthony Alayon

(valued at $54)
  • Full membership site to help you get your 6-pack
  • Nutrition calculators, recipes, fat-loss tools and more
  • Motivation so you actually complete the program

10 Minute Fat Loss10 Minute Fat Loss 12 Week Program

by Derek Wahler

(valued at $19.95)
  • 12 week exercise & nutrition program for fast fat loss
  • 100 pages of training tips, exercises and workout regimens
  • Easy-to-follow weekly plan to fat loss success

Lean Body RevolutionLean Body Revolution

by Jason Klein

(valued at $47)
  • Full video and ebook package to help you get a lean body
  • 3 phase easy-follow workout plan to ensure success
  • Ab Annihilator training regimens for a slim waistline

Shape 21Shape 21

by Ben Greenfield

(valued at $17)
  • Learn how hidden food allergies are making you fat
  • Boost energy levels by avoiding common foods
  • Improve mood through quality nutrition

Six Pack Ab 30 Day Intensive

by Wesley Virgin IV

(valued at $49.99)
  • Develop 6 pack abs you’ve always wanted
  • Slim down your midsection
  • 30 follow-along ab workout videos

secrets of the handstandSecrets of the Handstand

by Logan Christopher

(valued at $67)
  • Simple, progressive tutorial to guide you to the handstand
  • Handstand drills to improve strength incrementally
  • Balance exercises to accelerate your handstand ability

In Home ParkourIn Home Parkour Fitness

by the Tapp Brothers

(valued at $57)
  • 40 full length 30-40 minute parkour workouts
  • 24/7 mobile access to daily workouts
  • Get lean & learn parkour at the same time

Guide to PlayWarrior Spirit Fitness: Guide to Play

by Khaled Allen

(valued at $40)
  • Get fit using playful movement
  • Learn simple nutrition strategies to drop body fat
  • Break out of plateau through new ways of exercising

Essential Parkour TechniquesEssential Parkour Techniques

by Sean Rogers

(valued at $37)
  • Build strength and muscle by using the outdoor gym
  • Challenge your body through whole-body movements
  • 81 pages to get you started in parkour fitness

Bodyweight Tabata FinishersBodyweight Tabata Finishers

by Mike Whitfield

(valued at $29)
  • 10 short & intense workouts to increase metabolism
  • Burn fat with exercises you can do anywhere
  • Full exercise library of intense bodyweight exercises

BeastmodeBeastmode Bodyweight 4 Week Program for Fighters

by Funk Roberts

(valued at $27)
  • Workouts used by professional fighters
  • 4-week intense program to help you build muscle
  • Improve core strength using specialized circuits

Bodyweight Boxing ProgramBoxing Bodyweight Program

by Chad Howse

(valued at $19.95)
  • Drastically increase strength using boxing workouts
  • Circuit style training to condition you like a pro
  • Easy to follow workout plan so you succeed like a champ

Bootcamp Workouts36 Fitness Bootcamp Theme Workouts

by Georgette Pann

(valued at $19.95)
  • 36 Fitness Bootcamp Theme Workouts
  • Step-by-step exercise descriptions
  • The ultimate strength workout guide

AcceleratorsBodyweight Accelerators 2.0

by Kate Vidulich

(valued at $29.95)
  • Beginner, intermediate & advanced bodyweight workouts
  • Full library of bodyweight exercises
  • Guide to common bodyweight exercise mistakes

BeautifulBeautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide

by Nia Shanks

(valued at $19.99)
  • Build the body you want while having fun
  • No nonsense bodyweight-based strength training program
  • Boost self-confidence and discover your true potential

Home Kickboxing RevolutionHome Kickboxing Revolution

by Daniel Woodrum

(valued at $27)
  • Powerful kickboxing circuits to build strength and conditioning
  • Drop body fat with high intense workouts
  • Release stress, boost confidence & become a calorie burning machine

Sprint Your Way FitSprint Your Way Fit

by Dennis Heenan

(valued at $27)
  • Transform your body using sprint workouts
  • Learn 7 sprint training routines for dropping body fat
  • Detailed pictures & descriptions for all exercises

Primal Blueprint FitnessPrimal Blueprint Fitness

by Mark Sisson

(valued at $19.95)
  • Develop functional strength
  • Obtain optimal vitality & longevity
  • Learn how humans were meant to move

21 Core Strengthening Bodyweight Pilates Exercises21 Core Bodyweight Pilates Exercises

by Sylvia Favela

(valued at $27)
  • Learn how to tighten your midsection using unique Pilates exercises
  • Done-for-you workout plans for a slimmer and sexier physique
  • 21 Simple-to-learn yet challenging exercises

LM4 Recipe BookLeanMoms LM4 Recipe Book

by Lacy Arnold

(valued at $37)
  • Amazing & delicious recipes to help you drop body fat
  • Create a sexy body even after pregnancy
  • Simple & tasty meals for breakfast, lunch, supper & snacks

toadally primal smoothiesPrimal Smoothies

by Todd Dosenberry

(valued at $9.99)
  • Over 100 whole-food mouth watering smoothies
  • Protein packed smoothies to help you build muscle
  • Anti-oxidant rich smoothies to increase longevity

quick and easy protein pancakesFat Burning Breakfast Recipes

by Dr. Clarissa Hope

(valued at $12)
  • Learn how to boost metabolism & burn fat using food
  • 20 quick, easy high-protein breakfast recipes
  • Nourish your body & mind with the power of nutrition

Love-Handle-5-Eating-and-Lifestyle-PlanLove Handle 5 Eating and Lifestyle Plan

by Todd Kuslikis

(valued at $27.95)
  • 10 simple steps to eliminating your love handles
  • Learn how to eat clean to increase energy levels
  • Includes 4 follow along love handle workouts!

21 Day Real Food Meal Plan21 Day Real Food Meal Plan

by Joe Rignola

(valued at $11)
  • Learn over 50 gluten/legume free delicious recipes
  • Improve vitality with food you were meant to eat
  • Increase energy levels through the power of real food

The Bodyweight Joint Rehab ProgramThe Bodyweight Joint Rehab Program

by Rick Kaselj

(valued at $29)
  • Learn how to prevent injury through simple & powerful exercises
  • How to rehab an injury after it has already happened
  • Guide to incremental strength increase for every joint

Warrior Flexibility ProgramThe Warrior Flexibility Program

by Tyler Bramlett

(valued at $37)
  • Increase your flexibility using simple yet effective stretching patterns
  • How to recover from your workouts faster
  • Follow-along warm-up and stretching guides

rotator cuffThe Ultimate Rotator Cuff Training Guide

by Brian Schiff

(valued at $39.95)
  • Learn everyday exercises used by experts to rehab the shoulder joint
  • How to avoid shoulder injury through proper strength training
  • Common mistakes to avoid while doing your workout

dynamic warmupDynamic Warm Up

by Tee Major

(valued at $10.95)
  • Full body warm up routines to prepare you for any workout
  • Military style exercises to improve strength & conditioning
  • Whole body moves for greater flexibility and avoiding injury

All these programs together would cost you $1,113.27 to purchase separately and some of them are not even available any longer for any price. But I have great news for you… Right now you’re not gonna pay $1,113.27 or even half that!

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These Amazing Transformations Have Taken Place Because of Programs In The Bodyweight Bundle


How soon will I get the ebooks?

You will receive them immediately. After you make the purchase you will see a screen where you can download all of the programs. That’s the great thing about electronic ebooks, they save on shipping costs and you don’t need to wait for them.
Are these programs just a sampling or is each the full program?
Each ebook is the full program. None of the above ebooks are samplings or excerpts of the actual program. You will receive everything that is normally offered at the full price but for a fraction of the cost. How cool is that?!
Why would all of these contributors offer their programs for such a low price?
Because we’re such cool cats! Just kidding. We are cool, but that’s not the reason. 😉 Each of the above contributors receive a portion of the proceeds. They have agreed to share their program in the Bodyweight Bundle Sale and will be compensated for it. Another reason is exposure. All the contributors are sharing this opportunity with their followers so it increases exposure for everyone involved. They also know that bodyweight exercises can transform our physiques and our lives. Why wouldn’t someone want to be involved in something so great?!
Can I read these ebooks on my phone or tablet?
Yes. Each ebook is in a pdf format so you can download it to your smart phone, tablet or computer. You can even if print it off if you desire. If you don’t have a way for your computer to read PDF’s (most people already do) than you can download the software for free: Adobe Reader.
Can I build muscle using bodyweight exercises?
Bodyweight exercises are a tool to develop strength and help with muscle growth. There are several programs above that lay out not only the exact exercises to help you build muscle but also teach you how to do them. The experts above have helped thousands of people build muscle with bodyweight exercises and if you follow their system you can too.
Can I lose body fat using bodyweight exercises?
The most important component to losing body fat is not exercise. Its what you eat. That’s why we have included several nutrition/healthy eating ebooks that teach you how to eat in order to lose fat, increase energy levels and live a more abundant life.
I’m “old”, “young”, “female” etc., can I do bodyweight exercises?
Bodyweight exercises can be done by anyone. There is no age or gender prerequisite for starting them. That’s one of the biggest differences between bodyweight exercises and weight lifting. If you pick up a weight that is too heavy you can easily get injured. With bodyweight exercises the resistance comes from your own body so the likelihood of injury drops dramatically and you can progress at your own level.
I’m only interested in a few of the programs. Can I pick up the bundle for a discounted price?
Sorry, but no. The bundle is already at such a discounted price we can’t offer it for even less just because you are uninterested in an ebook or have purchased one of the above ebooks before. All the ebooks come as a combined package.
If I buy the bundle there are so many programs, how will I know where to start?
We have created a full tutorial that gives you a brief overview of each program. You’ll know exactly where to start and which program to progress to as you transform your body and your life.

Just To Recap This Is Everything You’ll Be Getting In The  Bodyweight Bundle


The Bodyweight Bundle Includes All Of The Following…

  • 8 Bodyweight Muscle Building/Strength ebooks valued at $235.70
  • 6 Bodyweight Fatloss ebooks valued at $214.94
  • 4 Bodyweight Play/Trick ebooks valued at $201
  • 10 Bodyweight Workout Videos/ebooks valued at $246.79
  • 5 Bodyweight Nutrition/Receipe ebooks valued at $97.94
  • 4 Bodyweight Rehab/Stretching/Warm Up ebooks valued at $116.90

Total Value of Bodyweight Bundle…. $1,113.27!


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You are an action taker too. You’ve read this far so it shows that you truly want to look & feel better.

All of us experts know how to help you lose your extra body fat, build more lean muscle and feel great every day!

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